Perfection of Playing Poker is Right Here Now

Perfection of Playing Poker is Right Here Now

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Here you will find much information on poker strategy online that can improve your knowledge at any stage of poker thinking, regardless of your skill level. Effective tips for beginners, the best expert tips and poker strategies for cache players, as well as everything you need to know for a successful game hold them, Omaha, studs and so on. Find the latest poker strategies from famous gurus of the game, which are sorted by special categories.


This is the dominant theme on websites and judi online blogs, chat rooms and forums. First, the level of rates is important. This factor is so much more important than the rest that we need to break the discussion into several levels of poker strategy. The word “level” here refers to the rates, not to the skill. You can find great players at the tables with the lowest stakes and frankly weak players at the tables with the highest stakes. Secondly, private games held by someone at home are different from games in licensed card rooms, live game is different from online game and the game at a short table is different from playing at a long table.

Basic secrets of the poker strategy

For this information, we will limit ourselves to reviewing live cash games played in casinos or card rooms. Other games have basic differences and require a separate discussion, which we can hold at some other time. A lot of people play at this level. We suspect that maybe 80% to 85% of all regular poker players never play more expensive games.There are no unlimited games in the casino, which, in my opinion, were in line with this category. The cheapest game you can usually find is a $ 1 / $ 2 blind game and a minimum of $ 100 to enter the game. This game definitely does not belong to the lowest level. Here you need a special poker strategy.

These games at the lowest rates are designed exclusively for players who treat poker as a rest. If you play these games and lose quite a bit of money, no more than one small bet per hour, then you should be very happy with yourself and happy. You spend pleasant time with your friends and associates, showing a great game, and it costs you cheaper than lunch in a modest restaurant or movie for two at a local cinema. Life is Beautiful.

Level from medium to half-high

These judi online games include limit games with rates ranging from $ 20 / $ 40 to $ 80 / $ 160 and unlimited games with blinds from $ 2 / $ 5 to $ 10 / $ 20. At these levels, circumstances change. According to my estimates, from 10% to 15% of regular players of this level (we can be a little more, it’s hard to say) receive income from the game in the long run.Influence of rake in these games is lowered, and the key factor is that at these levels you first encounter regularly playing “sponsors”, very rich and very gamblers.Fans of gambling who make big bets in craps and blackjack are also fond of poker, but they are very weak in this game. They rarely pose a problem for expert players and, as a result, ensure their winnings.Not surprisingly, it is at this level that the first professional poker players begin to appear.