Things All Land-Based Casino Players are Tired of Hearing

Things All Land-Based Casino Players are Tired of Hearing

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The life of a gambler is full of ups and downs. There are days when he is winning one game after the other, and on some days, he is losing his fortune and crying on his losses. But there are also times when there are some stupid comments he has to listen for the sake of earning some extra money. Here are some things every gambler is tired of hiring.

  • This game is rigged

No casino tournament is rigged. Of course, the rules comply with the house, but they are also for the gamblers to read. No, a casino would never cheat on a player in the middle of a game. This is said by mostly all the losing gamblers. It lets them take the blame off themselves.

  • The drinks here are free!

The people who say this do not realize the purpose behind it. It is done because when the player is way too much inebriated, he spends recklessly on the game until he wins it. The brain stops working and it is not able to make wise decisions. The more they chug, the casino is quietly looting them off the table.

  • Hey, can I borrow some money? I will pay back once I win.

No matter what happens, never lend a single penny to any of your fellow players. Chances are, he might lose and ask for more money from you or other fellow players. It hampers your self-esteem to beg for money for such games which have no purpose.

  • Time for another trip to the ATM

There are some players who come to the casino like a maniac, betting an extravagant amount of money without even grasping the concept of the game. When they run out of money, they head back to the ATM. Not only it is stupid, but it is also an excellent way to drain all the hard-earned money. This is why there are so many ATM machines around the casinos.

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